Welcome to the Canadian Bioethics Companion!

The Canadian Bioethics Companion is an online textbook of Canadian bioethics. It was written as a companion resource to the many good bioethics textbooks and online resources available. It is full of useful and practical information on bioethics in Canada. This manuscript is divided into common and typical bioethics themes and topics, but the content is kept to the relevant Canadian facts. And that is what makes this project so unique! For more information about me and about the book please visit the ABOUT page.

This site is intended to be of service to anyone who works in medical, research, or public health ethics. It will be particularly useful to ethicists and  health care workers of every kind who demand a sharper understanding of bioethics in Canada. Of course, Canadians are my target audience but comparative ethicists and those wishing to gain a deeper understanding about the Canadian system will also benefit from this unique and detailed resource.

This site and this information is FREE! But your donations are very much appreciated. You can also buy a download version of this text. Please visit the DONATE/BUY page.

This manuscript and this website are solo endeavours, but I would like to hear from you. If there are any oversights, if I have missed information or if I’m presenting misinformation, please CONTRIBUTE and leave a comment. Or CONTACT me. I hope to be able to update this site with new information as it arrives, The Canadian Bioethics Companion is a living document.

Please take some time, have a look around and enjoy this site and the information. I hope you find it useful and I sincerely hope that it can help you in your work or studies. BEGIN HERE.

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