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The Canadian Bioethics Companion is a free service, and I encourage you to use it and enjoy it to the fullest extent— and encourage others to do likewise. I believe despite the small price tag, this resource does have great value.

This book and this website have been made possible through no small effort of my own. While it has been a labour of love, love does not pay my rent; nor does it pay for the web-hosting, the designing, and the other professional services required to keep this site up and operating. Furthermore, I do not plan on hosting any advertising, and that means you can enjoy an advertisement and intrusion free experience. All of these features are not without personal cost.

If you have enjoyed the site, if you have found value in it, or if you believe that efforts such as these should be encouraged and enabled to be sustained… then I ask you if you can find it in your heart, and your bank account, to please make a donation so that I can keep this site and this project alive.

If this site and this information has helped you understand something better or opened some doors to new inquiry, I hope you can see fit to make a contribution. You could buy me coffee by sending me $5.

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If you are using this resource frequently or (as it was intended) as a constant companion to other texts and scholarly works in your everyday work in bioethics, maybe you could buy me dinner for $20 (I don’t have extravagant tastes).

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Students and scholars: If you simply must have the book and you cannot afford the $25 price tag send me an email daveungerATcanadianbioethicscompanionDOTca …and we can discuss it.

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